All about channel and restaurant slugs


This is a unique name that identifies a restaurant or a channel. No 2 restaurants or channels can share the same slug. Typically a slug is a restaurant or channel name without special characters and spaces.

To simplify the documentation, we will represent the Channel and Restaurant slugs as channel and restaurant


Restaurant Slug

When you register a restaurant on Zuppler, a slug matching the restaurant name is generated. If there is a restaurant with the slug already existing, then the system will add a number suffix to the name. The Slug for the restaurant changes when the restaurant name is changed to match the new name.

If you visit any restaurant on Zuppler, you can view the slug.

restaurant in this case is chiangmai.


Channel Slug

As a part of registering your restaurant with Zuppler for online order integration, we (Zuppler Technical Support) will create a channel for your website. This will help track all the orders placed via your website.

As a part of creating the channel, we would require:

  • Website Name E.g: Zuppler
  • Slug The channel slug. Refer above for the slug information
  • Website URL To link the user back to your website
  • Logo This will be displayed to the users for the orders placed from your website
  • Name & Email All order emails from your website will be sent on your behalf and the replies from the user will be sent directly to you.